Flourishes: Piano Concerto in One Movement (2014), 10’ commissioned by the Maryland Symphony and premiered in November 2014 with Michael Brown as the soloist, Elizabeth Schulze, conductor.
[Notes and Media]

Portraits (2008), 15’ I-II-III
3(Picc)–3(EH)–3–2,Cbsn / 4–3–3–1 / Timp, Perc, Pno / Strings

Lamentations (2005), 7’ 2–2–2–2 / 4–3–3–1 / 3 Perc, Hp / Strings

Aftermath (2005), 6’ solo cello, percussion, strings

Chamber Music

Reflections (2016), 12' for Piano Trio
commissioned by Nicholas and Susan Yasillo in honor of Sharing Notes.
[Notes and Media]

Two Movements for Cello and Piano (2014) I. Improvisation
II. Dance
commissioned by Bargemusic's "Here and Now Labor Day Festival" and premiered by Nicholas Canellakis, cello and Michael Brown, piano in September 2014.

Violin Sonata (2013), 13’ violin/piano
commissioned by the Tekalli Duo for Suliman and Jamila Tekalli
[Notes and Media]

Chant (2013), 4’ one piano, four hands
commissioned by Bargemusic’s "Here and Now" Winter Festival for Jerome Lowenthal

Self-Portrait (2013) cello, piano, and original film
[Notes and Media]

Dialogues (2012), 7’ violin/cello
commissioned by the Olympic Music Festival for Arnaud Sussmann and Nicholas Canellakis

String Quartet (2009-2011), 17’ I-II-III
2 vlns, vla, cello
[Notes and Media]

Simultaneity (2010), 8’ soprano, 3 Turkish Instruments (ney, kanun, ud), violin, cello, piano
commissioned by the 2010 European Capital of Culture

Rhapsody (2010), 10’ viola, piano
commissioned by Vicki Powell

Five A.M. "after Allen Ginsberg" (2009), 6’ cello, piano
commissioned by Nicholas Canellakis and Gal Nyska
[Notes and Media]

Sonata-Fantasy (2008), 15’ I-II-III
two pianos
commissioned by Pianofest in the Hamptons
[Notes and Media]

Clarinet Trio (2007), 10’ clarinet, violin, piano
I. A Distant Haze (after Virginia Woolf)
II. The Wild Swans
commissioned by Helena Berg, Uriel Vanchestein, & Liza Stepanova
[Notes and Media]

Piano Trio (2006) violin, cello, piano
commissioned by the N-E-W Trio
[Notes and Media]

Echoes of Byzantium, after Yeats (2006) violin, piano
[Notes and Media]

Leda and the Swan (2006), 6’ flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion

Three Movements (2004) clarinet, percussion

Fanfare (2003), 2’ brass, percussion

Andante and Allegro (2002) string quartet



Dearest Friend (2017) soprano, baritone, and piano
setting letters between Brahms and Clara Schumann
commissioned by the St. Urban Concert Series and
dedicated to Lenore Davis
Introduction - I. Clara, love of my heart
II. My Beloved Friend!
III. Farewell, Beloved Creature

Southern Sweet (2016), 9' I. Introduction: This is Just to Say (William Carlos Williams)
II. Intermezzo: Dance
III. Finale: Rules and Regulations (Lewis Carroll)
for soprano, bassoon, violin, viola, cello
commissioned by the 2016 Twickenham Fest music festival and dedicated to co-Artistic Directors Susanna Phillips and Matthew McDonald
[Notes and Media]

After Three Statues (2013-15), 10’ I. Bronze Statue of a Man
II. Marble Statue of Aphrodite
III. Ambiguous Angel
mezzo soprano/piano
commissioned by Concert Artists Guild with support from Martin L. and Lucy Miller Murray for Naomi O’Connell
text: Lucy Miller Murray
[Notes and Media]

Autumn Clouds (2007) mezzo (or baritone), piano
text: Evan Shinners

Haman Identified (2007), 5’ SATB + harp/piano

London, 1802 and to a Sky Lark (2006) soprano, piano
text: William Wordsworth


Surfaces (2016), 11’ piano
commissioned by the Shriver Hall Concert Series for Roman Rabinovich
[Notes and Media]

Suite for Piano (2013), 6’ piano
commissioned by the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation for Anna Han
[Notes and Media]

Folk Variations (2013), 5’ piano
commissioned by Adam Golka
[Notes and Media]

Suite for Solo Cello (2012) cello
commissioned by Nicholas Canellakis for Bargemusic’s "Here and Now" Series
I. Prelude
II. Improvisational Sarabande
III. Gigue

Constellations and Toccata (2011) piano
commissioned by Orion Weiss
[Notes and Media]

Moments (2008) bassoon

Contours (2007) piano
I. for Julio Elizalde
II. for Orion Weiss
III. for Di Wu
IV. for Evan Shinners

Homages (2007) piano
I. Copland
II. Mompou
III. George Perle
[Notes and Media]

Four Miniatures (2005) piano

Squares with Round Edges (2004) flute


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