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String Quartet (2009-2011)

2 vlns, vla, cello

The first movement of this quartet was composed two years ago and was performed as a stand-alone piece. In the fall of 2010, I decided to add two more movements, making this a more substantial and full-length string quartet.

Movements 1 and 3, the two slow movements, are related thematically and harmonically. The short, static, and violent second movement functions as the Scherzo and presents completely contrasting material to the outer movements. The third movement is heart of the quartet—it is longer than the first two combined and features a double variation form, where alternating ostinato chords and canonic material are varied throughout. The first movement’s opening chorale-like material is recalled towards the end of the last movement. This movement is dedicated and is a poignant tribute to our beloved Milton Babbitt.


Movement I

Movement II

Movement III

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